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AceAim's Salesforce Graduate Program has these amazing features:
  • Live, expert-led interactive classes.
  • Project-based learning, teaching you job-ready Saleforce skills.
  • FitPace learning.
  • Comprehensive Certification Exams Preparation.
  • Coaching and mentoring.
  • Job Placement Guidance. 

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About our Salesforce Development Program

What is AceAim Australia?

AceAim is an Elite Australian training company, that specializes in providing holistic, expert-led, project-driven Salesforce trainings. These trainings are led by highly experienced Salesforce experts.

With a panel of industry experts onboard, AceAim has formulated FitPace Training Framework which ensures that our trainees are equipped with all the Job Ready Skills necessary, with a solid Salesforce certifications exam preparation.

Career prospects after the Program

Salesforce is the #1 CRM solution and Business Cloud Platform. Salesforce is being used by 200K+ companies including AWS, Toyota, US Bank, and all the fortune 500 companies. Salesforce Economy Will Create 9.3 Million Jobs and $1.6 Trillion in New Business Revenues by 2026.
Salesforce jobs are ranked in the top 3 technology jobs and Salesforce Professionals earn up to 40% higher than other technology professionals such as Web Developers, System Admins and Programmers. Salesforce careers are highly in-demand and highly paid in around the world.

Language of Training

This training program is in English and Urdu/Hindi mix language.

Duration and Start date

Duration: 6 months, July-Dec 23.
Class Frequency: Weekly 2 classes of 90 mins (Every Sat and Sun).

Class timings

Region Weekly session 1 Weekly session 2
Sydney Australia Saturday 5:00 pm Sunday 5:00 pm
New Zealand Saturday 7:00 pm Sunday 5:00 pm
California/LA Friday 10:00 pm Saturday 10:00 pm
Toronto Saturday 1:00 am Sunday 1:00 am
Saudi Arabi Saturday 9:00 am Sunday 9:00 am
UAE Saturday 10:00 am Sunday 10:00 am
UK Saturday 6:00 am Sunday 6:00 am
Germany Saturday 7:00 am Sunday 7:00 am
Pakistan Saturday 11:00 am Sunday 11:00 am

Topics Covered in the Program

Apex Programming Language

  • Learn and get a deep (and correct) understanding of the Salesforce programming language
  • Using the Primitive, Complex Data Types and Collections
  • Considerations and best practices when writing cloud applications in a multi-tenant platform

SOQL and SOSL to Retrieve Your Org’s Data

  • Writing single and multi-objects SOQLs and SOSLs.
  • Various methods of processing SOQL Data and their benefits.
  • Create a Query dynamically at run-time
  • Using SOQL in Apex and Triggers

DML to Manipulate Your Org’s Data

  • Writing data back to Salesforce database using DML
  • Differences between the ways you can Invoke DML operations
  • Write Apex to invoke DML operations and handle DML errors

Apex Triggers

  • Describe what a Trigger is used for
  • Describe the syntax of a Trigger definition
  • Use Trigger context variables
  • Writing and testing Triggers
  • Trigger design advanced strategies

Apex Class and OOP

  • Foundations of OOP
  • Describe how Apex classes are used
  • Define an Apex Class
  • Determine what data an Apex class can access
  • Describe key points in the Order of Execution
  • Describe how triggers fit into and can be impacted by the Order of Execution
  • Describe the lifecycle of an Apex transaction
  • Describe the memory lifecycle for static attributes
  • Error Handling and Logging

Testing Custom Applications

  • Understand the Apex testing framework
  • Create test data
  • Write and run an apex test classes
  • Salesforce Test framework best practices

Working with Visualforce

  • Creating custom UI using Visualforce pages
  • Using Standard and List Controllers
  • Building and using custom Controllers and Extensions
  • Write tests for Controller Constructors
  • Write tests for action methods, getters, setters, and properties


  • What Is deployment?
  • Deploy code using Change Sets
  • Review managed and unmanaged packages
  • Explore Salesforce DX

Strategies for Designing Efficient Apex Solutions

  • Best practices for writing secure code that is easy to maintain and extend
  • Writing Triggers and Classes that assume batches of data as input
  • Writing code that works efficiently with the database, both in querying and using DML
  • Declarative mechanisms you can use to implement complex business logic, what types of problems they’re best used for, and their limitations
  • Ways in which you can use declarative functionality to improve your programmatic solutions

Lightning Web Components

  • Why Lightning Web Components?
  • Developing Lightning Web Components from scratch
  • Surfacing LWCs
  • Building advanced layouts and responsive layouts
  • Communicate between LWCs using custom events, public methods etc.
  • LWCs and Salesforce Data
  • Testing and deploying LWC

Certification Preparation

  • Platform Developer I 
  • JavaScript Developer I - LWC

Program Activities

  • 40 x 1.5 Hours Instructor-Led Live sessions on Zoom.
  • 1 real-life end-to-end development project.
  • 40+ assignments/mini projects.

Cost of the program

  • Total Fee: $1200 (USD).
  • Fee to be paid in 12 monthly instalments of US$1200/-.

Our promise = Your Success!

We offer 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked for the first 30 days.

Our learners say AceAim is:

Asma hashmi

Studying with AceAim was a very life changing experience for me. With the valuable expertise and knowledge passed down to us, I take pride in also quoting: "Everythings always ending. But this ending can be your beginning too"

Inam Ullah Khan

I felt very blessed to start my salesforce journey from AceAim under the mentorship of Sir Faisal. The man who firstly make my mind to dream about salesforce and then show the path to make that dream into reality. Thanks Sir for redefining my career. Stay Blessed.

Absar Ali

Any IT professional who is willing to learn Salesforce must join ACEAIM Salesforce training program if you want to compete in the market because Aceaim gives excellent training. i am very happy to be a student of Aceaim.

Waqar Ali

It was a great experience studying at AceAim.Overall, right from onboarding to finishing the course, the team was extremely helpful.Teaching methodology and course structure is very easy to follow and Mr. Faisal makes it very easy for every student to sink in the difficult concepts.Highly recommended for new and experienced individuals to dive in to the salesforce ecosystem.

Saima Kanwal

My experience with AceAim and fellow classmates has been incredible. The environment is quite friendly which enables me to study with comfort and Sir Faisal has an impeccable way of teaching. It was because of his expertise and ability to motivate us which made me achieve my Salesforce certifications.

Ameer Hamza

For Learning Salesforce AceAim is the best choice for you, Joining the AceAim training was One of the best decisions I've ever made!! They are amazingly proficient and committed in giving specialized training to the youth to engage them within the innovative world. Joined the gather back in Feb 2021 in their SF-01 batch. Mr Faisal and Mr Kamran, both have directed the course with awesome polished skill and care.

Rana Hamza

If you are a hardworking person and want to start your career in a Salesforce eco system then Aceaim is the best choice for you.My experience at Aceaim was very good . I was from an engineering background but they taught me very tremendouslyThank you Aceaim and sir Faisal for Each and everything

Imran Zia

I am beyond grateful to an amazing mentor and instructor Faisal Muhammad for helping me achieve this upward and onwards and to Ace Aim Australia for providing such an impactful platform.

Saif Khan

I've been a student of SF-03 and no doubt Sir Faisal has been the best teacher so far. He's not only an amazing teacher but a great person as well. Would highly recommend anyone to opt for Salesforce course from Sir Faisal through Ace Aim to get the individual attention plus the hands-on experience.

Zaid Tariq

AceAim is a fantastic Institute their teaching Pattern is excellent and our Instructor Sir Mohammad Fasial is also great, he gives Individual Attention to Every Student and Helps every Individual in personal growth in the career. I also Recommend to those who want to start their career in Salesforce.

Rabia Yasir

I am warm-heartedly Thankful for the efforts of Aceaim .I am fortunate enough to get the chance to learn and work with such a wonderful team and mentor like sir Faisal. You are the spark, the inspiration, and the best guide. I am deeply thankful that you are my teacher. Wishing Aceaim joy and happiness and you are an amazing teacher Sir, and you only deserve the best. The best place to learn Salesforce.

Waqas Saleem

Aceaim is the best institute for learning Salesforce and its techniques. It is a blend of theory and practical work. The way Mr. Faisal and his team are directing the course, i must say its full of professionalism and dedication. Its an honor to be a part of such great institute.

Mairaj Uddin

Studying with Ace Aim was a great experience for me. The coaching and career guidance by experienced instructors enabled me to pivot my career in the salesforce ecosystem. In addition to that (Faisal) guided me and helped me prepare for the interview for my first job with a growing salesforce partner. I highly recommend their salesforce training and certification program.

Imran Sayal

If you are looking for a professional training in Salesforce, then you can easily count on AceAim. They are extremely professional and dedicated in providing technical skills to the youth to empower them in the technology world.

Waqas Ali

AceAim training was one of the best decisions. Our instructor was an expert and was very clear in his method of teaching. All my questions were answered and the class interaction was very good. I Got a job in well reputed software house before completion of training and Certification.

AceAim's Training Methodology

FitPace is a unique training methodology developed by Industry Experts at AceAim. With experience, we see that only certifications do not ensure success in the real world, therefore in order to become a top professional one needs holistic, real-life training.

Salesforce Course in Hyderabad
Instructor-Led training by the experts who have been leading real-life projects.
Salesforce Course in Hyderabad
Hands-on learning that will transform your knowledge into skills.
Salesforce Course in Hyderabad
Comprehensive Certification Exams Preparation.
Salesforce Training in Bangalore
Work on real-world projects and business scenarios.
Salesforce Training in Bangalore
Mentorship and professional grooming to fast-track your career growth.
Salesforce Training in Bangalore
Job Placement Support and Career Counselling.

About the Instructor

Over 28 years, Faisal has been building and leading global technology organizations. Developing youth career is close to his heart. His 1000s of trained technology professionals have been working on senior positions around the world.
Faisal is a Salesforce Certified Application Architect and have worked on key positions in prestigious organizations:
  • CIO @ Destined, Australia.
  • Sr. Program Manager @Emirates Airline, UAE.
  • CEO @ Vertex Business Solutions Pvt Ltd, Pakistan.