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Salesforce Graduate Program

Start your high-paying Salesforce career confidently with AceAim's graduate program courses. Whether you're from a technical or non-technical background, these certifications serve as your ideal Salesforce career starting point. AceAim's courses are skill-focused, ensuring your success in certification exams.

4 hours Live Zoom Workshop on 
every 1st and 3rd Friday 9 am CDT

  • Live Q&A Session
  • Skill Building
  • Hackathon 
  • Exam Preparation
  • Exam Voucher Competition
  • Salesforce Career Mentorship
  • Interview preparation, LinkedIn Branding

Mastering Salesforce and CRM Foundations

Enter into the world of CRM and Salesforce with solid foundations and pass your Salesforce Certified Associate Exam with flying colors.  Enroll today to start your Salesforce career.

1 month at 6 hrs a week

After completing this course, you will be able to:
  • Understand Salesforce various products and career paths
  • Navigate into Salesforce end-user and Setup Area
  • Data Modelling and User Interface Customisation
  • Salesforce Security and Record Sharing
  • Build Reports and Dashboards
  • Perform Basic customisation and administration
  • Pass the Salesforce Certified Associate Exam

Mastering Salesforce Administration

Have some Salesforce experience or have completed your Associate study? Salesforce Admin is the next certification for you. In this course you will gain the practical skills to administer Salesforce and prepare for your Salesforce Admin Certification.

1.5 months at 8 hrs a week

After completing this course, you will be able to:
  • Understand breath of features and functions of Salesforce Clouds 
  • Setup and Customise Salesforce CRM Clouds
  • Use Object Manager, Schema and Lightning App Builder
  • Automate Processes using Flows and Approval Process
  • Build Formulas, Validation Rules, Rollup Summaries 
  • Implement Salesforce Security and Sharing Settings
  • Pass Salesforce Certified Administrator Exam
A little about

Faisal, the Lead Trainer at AceAim Australia

Faisal is a Salesforce Certified Developer, Architect and Trainer. He is the Ex-Chief Information and Innovation Officer of Media.Monk, a Platinum Salesforce Practice in Australia, where he led a team of 60+ Salesforce professionals and oversaw 100+ Salesforce projects.

After 27 years of experience in the software industry, in 2020 Faisal decided to become a full-time trainer and mentor of Salesforce to grow the career of IT professionals. He started AceAim with a mission to build solid Salesforce Developers and Architects. Since then has taught and mentored 100s of professionals.

He is a Certified Salesforce Trainer also and teaches at Trailhead Academy.

Faisal lives in Sydney with his beloved family and loves to explore the natural beauty of Australia.

Would you like to connect with Faisal? He is one click away on LinkedIn.

AceAim's Immersive Training Methodology

Follow AceAim's step by step training methodology to learn Salesforce and pass your certification exams fast and painlessly

1. Start learning journey with your coach in 1-2-1 settings
2. Study using step by step video lessons, take your notes
3. Apply the knowledge using real-world exercises and projects
4. Attend live and interactive Master Class with Faisal 
5. Sit and Pass your certification exam with confidence
david canery - USA

From Salesforce Admin to Architect

I have been working as a Salesforce Administrator for 5 years in Facebook, USA and always wanted to skill myself up as a Salesforce Architect. AceAim provided me extensive training and mentorship for 6 months to become an Application Architect. Highly recommended!
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Marium - Australia

From Uni to Salesforce Platform Manager

I am proud of the fact that I was the first Salesforce student of Mr. Faisal in 2016! He taught and mentored me, now after 7 years of Salesforce journey, I am a Salesforce Platform Manager at Yamaha, Australia. Thank you Faisal@AceAim! 

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A Salesforce Journey to Cherish

After a gap of five years when I joined AceAim, my career took a turn for better. Under the expert guidance, I developed vital skillset on Salesforce ecosystem. This experience fuelled my passion and put me on steep learning curve in Salesforce project management and technical recruitment. 
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Frequently asked questions

When can I start study?

Immediately. This course is available as soon as you enroll in the course; and start your learning journey!

I don't have any prior knowledge of Salesforce, is this course for me?

Yes, you can take this course. The pre-requisite for the course is your commitment to learn Salesforce and put your best efforts.

Does the course includes mock Exams?

Yes, the course is included with 15 mock exams with no additional cost. Each exam has 40-60 real exam like questions to make your ready for the certifications.

I am not from Computer Science background, can I learn Salesforce?

Yes, absolutely. You don't need computer science background to learn Salesforce. There are hundred and thousands of Salesforce Administrators and Consultants who are from non-computer background.

Is there any live sessions or classes included in this course?

We offer fortnightly live instructor-led sessions for our students to fast-track their learning journey at an affordable cost.   

I need more detail, can I talk to any representative?

You are most welcome. You can chat with our representative here on the website, see at the right corner you will find us!  

Alternatively, you can send an email to us with your questions at