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I joined AceAim Salesforce batch-04 with sir Faisal. Since the very first day sir Faisal has been very committed teacher and mentor. We started the batch with Salesforce basics which then advanced to difficult concepts and programming. Above all, he induced a sense of curiosity and passion in every student to learn more independently. Throughout the course, sir Faisal gave individual attention to students and always helped if anyone had difficulty grasping the concepts. Moreover, he also helped students to prepare for the certification, job interviews, corporate life and freelancing. Along with studies, he also encouraged students to have a positive mindset in life and recommended books every now and then. I highly recommend AceAim and Salesforce training program under sir Faisal's guidance.
Kainat Naeem
AceAim Trainee
It was a great experience studying at AceAim.Overall, right from onboarding to finishing the course, the team was extremely helpful.Teaching methodology and course structure is very easy to follow and Mr. Faisal makes it very easy for every student to sink in the difficult concepts.Highly recommended for new and experienced individuals to dive in to the salesforce ecosystem.
Waqar Khan
AceAim Trainee
Consider yourself lucky if you get a chance to be a student of Sir Faisal! I am beyond grateful to have found aceaim. The way Mr. Faisal teaches the course is truly magical. -Anyone- from any background can learn Salesforce with Aceaim! That’s how beautifully and clearly each topic is taught. This is an all-inclusive course where not only are you taught how to carry yourself forward professionally, but Mr. Faisal also takes out time to connect With you on a personal level. I have learned so much in the past 3 months with SF-05 and im so excited to learn more! Sir Faisal has been instrumental in encouraging me to maximize my potential! Thank you Aceaim!
Sheeba Baig
AceAim Trainee
My experience with AceAim and fellow classmates has been incredible. The environment is quite friendly which enables me to study with comfort and Sir Faisal has an impeccable way of teaching. It was because of his expertise and ability to motivate us which made me achieve my Salesforce certifications.
Saima Kanwal
AceAim Trainee
Being a Student at aceaim is the best decision and opportunity for me, students with non -IT background suffer a lot in IT but the scenario changed here because of their best quality learning with Instructor-Led Live classes, Hands-on learning to transform knowledge into skills, Work on real-world projects and business scenarios under the Highly Qualified, Experience, Professional Instructors and mentorship especially Sir Faisal, is the Best mentor and instructor focus on each individual's Goals and track their progress.Alhamdulillah, I Have secured the best job under his Mentorship.Thank you, Aceaim and Sir Faisal for this change in my life!
Anwar Ul Haq
AceAim Trainee
Great experience. The mentor Sir Faisal Muhammad gives his 100% and individual attention to every student. All the classmates help each other out. We are also provided with recorded lectures. By the end of every class, Sir Faisal always makes sure that no student is left with any query. His teaching is not only restricted to Salesforce Cloud Technology but he keeps enlightening us on the way of life. Truly grateful to Sir Faisal.
Surair Sohail
AceAim Trainee
AceAim's webinar gave me a great insight into the growing demand for Salesforce. I was able to research and make an informed decision about taking their course and ended up getting enrolled in Batch 04. The instructor, Sir Faisal provides the best learning experience for his students by putting tremendous efforts into providing quality education with hands-on training, offering individual attention and dedication to the success of each student. With their dedication, I passed my certification exam with flying colours! I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who wants to start their career in the Salesforce ecosystem.
Muhammad Dawood Gohar
AceAim Trainee
For Learning Salesforce AceAim is the best choice for you, Joining the AceAim training was One of the best decisions I've ever made!! They are amazingly proficient and committed in giving specialized training to the youth to engage them within the innovative world. Joined the gather back in Feb 2021 in their SF-01 batch. Mr Faisal and Mr Kamran, both have directed the course with awesome polished skill and care.
Ameer Hamza
AceAim Trainee
I was a batch 2 student of the Salesforce Graduate Programme offered by AceAim. It was a 6 month highly structured and mentored training with live projects and assignments. I got my freelancing gig when I reached the 4th month of the training, because of which I was able to cover the cost of the training by 2* folds. Our mentor Mr Faisal Muhammad is a highly experienced instructor with years of experience in the Salesforce eco-system, who has helped me to become the person I am today. I can proudly say that I am a certified Salesforce Administrator and I look forward towards starting my first job soon within the Salesforce ecosystem.
Waleed Mohammad
AceAim Trainee
Joining AceAim was one of the best decision of my life. I was part of SF 01 batch.Teachers are very professional and give full attention to every single student. Their teaching style is very simple but organized & structured that a person with Non-IT background (like me) able to understand the concepts very well.Students gets trained through different assignments/projects through out the course which will give them chance to work on real world problems and build solutions.I was lucky that before completing my training, I was able to received a job offer from a software house.Highly recommended for those who like to build their career around Salesforce Ecosystem.
Sohaib Khan
AceAim Trainee
Joining the AceAim training was one of the best decisions I have made!! I don't know where to start, the mentors, the tutoring team, the resources, the teaching style, the guidance, the support, everything was top notch! It felt like the AceAim team really cared and wanted to make difference.Being in the first batch of the training (SF01 2021), one would expect there to be a few hiccups but it was great from the start. I received training and preparation not just for the platform, but for the Admin certification as well as job interviews. Sir Faisal is a great mentor and provided amazing advice in areas where it mattered.
Omer Bin Hamza
AceAim Trainee
Studying with AceAim was a very life changing experience for me. With the valuable expertise and knowledge passed down to us, I take pride in also quoting: "Everythings always ending. But this ending can be your beginning too"
Asma Hashmi
AceAim Trainee
I felt very blessed to start my salesforce journey from AceAim under the mentorship of Sir Faisal. The man who firstly make my mind to dream about salesforce and then show the path to make that dream into reality. Thanks Sir for redefining my career. Stay Blessed.
Inam Ullah Khan
AceAim Trainee
->Excellent Virtual Training Institute .
->Provided Help in Job placement.
->Sir Faisal have Different Teaching Styleas compared to Traditional Style.
->Profile building on LinkedIn.
->Lifetime mentorship SupportMy Experience.
->Got a Dream job in well reputed software house before completion of training and Certification.
Rashid Khan
AceAim Trainee
Their courses are well-designed and practical. I attended one of their seminars and recommended Aceaim to a few of my colleagues. They completed the course successfully and obtained employment. I would strongly recommend Aceaim, especially to young graduates.
Adil Ibrahim
AceAim Trainee
AceAim training was one of the best decisions. I was not sure what to expect because the class was remotely, but I was quite impressed with the entire process because they are teaching based on real projects.I joined the gather back in Feb 2021 in their SF-01 batch. Our instructor was an expert and was very clear in his method of teaching. All my questions were answered and the class interaction was very good.I Got a job in well reputed software house before completion of training and Certification.
Waqas Ali
AceAim Trainee
A very professional Salesforce training institute with highly qualified and experienced instructors. Simply its topnotch. Much recommended. The training is upto the mark. Mr Faisal a salesforce certified professional transfers his professional experience to the students in a very effective and a productive manner. I've been a part of second batch of aceaim and i must thank aceaim it introduced me to salesforce ecosystem and currently iam working as an integration consultant at a salesforce partner firm. Thanks Aceaim
Sohaib Tanveer
AceAim Trainee
AceAim is a great training institute that helps upcoming youngsters and experienced professionals already integrated in the market to get familiar with the Salesforce ecosystem. They also provide career opportunities to kickstart your Salesforce career before even you finish your training program. Also like to mention the course instructor Muhammad Faisal for their unique teaching style and dedication towards helping young talent to prosper in their profession career.
Akash Memon
AceAim Trainee
Studying with Ace Aim was a great experience for me. The coaching and career guidance by experienced instructors enabled me to pivot my career in the salesforce ecosystem. In addition to that (Faisal) guided me and helped me prepare for the interview for my first job with a growing salesforce partner. I highly recommend their salesforce training and certification program.
Mairaj Uddin
AceAim Trainee
any IT professional who is willing to learn Salesforce must join ACEAIM Salesforce training program if you want to compete in the market because Aceaim gives excellent training. i am very happy to be a student of Aceaim.
Absar Ali
AceAim trainee
I am warm-heartedly Thankful for the efforts of Aceaim .I am fortunate enough to get the chance to learn and work with such a wonderful team and mentor like sir Faisal. You are the spark, the inspiration, and the best guide. I am deeply thankful that you are my teacher. Wishing Aceaim joy and happiness and you are an amazing teacher Sir, and you only deserve the best. The best place to learn Salesforce.
Rabia Yasir
AceAim Trainee
If you ask me to name a true mentor, I will instantly say Sir Faisal at AceAim.From teaching us about Salesforce and advancing careers in this field to guiding us to be better human beings, sir covered everything.Lectures were detail oriented. The virtual classroom gave us the flexibility to attend the class from anywhere. Not only that, each student was given individual attention. Sir devised a specific career path for each student, depending on their preferences and prior experience.To sum up, if you are looking for an institute to learn about salesforce technologies and to grow in life, AceAim is your way to go!
Idreesia Fatima
AceAim Trainee
AceAim is a fantastic Institute their teaching Pattern is excellent and our Instructor Sir Mohammad Fasial is also great, he gives Individual Attention to Every Student and Helps every Individual in personal growth in the career. I also Recommend to those who want to start their career in Salesforce.
Zaid Tariq
AceAim Trainee
What a journey it has been! Starting from zero information about Salesforce to finally becoming a Certified Administrator. It all started by simply watching a promo ad by AceAim, which actually intrigued me to look into Salesforce as a career. Not only the ad made it sound super easy and lucrative, it is actually still in high demand. After attending the free demo session followed by a personal video call, I was convinced to enroll in their 3rd batch of students. I was super excited to attend the weekly live sessions and thoroughly enjoyed learning every bit of it. Sir Faisal made it very interesting and enlightening with his humble, fatherly, and yet friendly approach. Besides teaching the important and relevant tech stuff, he added his unique and wise tidbits from his vast experience, which was truly invaluable. He made each and every student feel special with his direct, interactive, and inclusive method of teaching. I feel truly honored and lucky to have attended his course, and I hope to continue learning with him in the future.
AceAim Trainee
Aceaim is the best institute for learning Salesforce and its techniques. It is a blend of theory and practical work. The way Mr. Faisal and his team are directing the course, i must say its full of professionalism and dedication. Its an honor to be a part of such great institute.
Waqas Saleem
AceAim Trainee
I had a wonderful learning experience with AceAim, they have a thorough professional and courteous team who performs career counseling and put you on the right track. Last but not the least Mr. Faisal is a life changing mentor and coach. I wish him and his team all the very best.
Anil Gill
AceAim Trainee
I am beyond grateful to an amazing mentor and instructor Faisal Muhammad for helping me achieve this upward and onwards and to Ace Aim Australia for providing such an impactful platform.
Imran Zia
AceAim Trainee
If you are a hardworking person and want to start your career in a Salesforce eco system then Aceaim is the best choice for you.My experience at Aceaim was very good . I was from an engineering background but they taught me very tremendouslyThank you Aceaim and sir Faisal for Each and everything
Rana Hamza
AceAim Trainee
I've been a student of SF-03 and no doubt Sir Faisal has been the best teacher so far. He's not only an amazing teacher but a great person as well. Would highly recommend anyone to opt for Salesforce course from Sir Faisal through Ace Aim to get the individual attention plus the hands-on experience.
Saif Khan
AceAim Trainee
Usually, you will be entertained with utmost priority till you sign-up for the program or course and then you will be left hanging and ignored, but ACE-AIM has shown that you are valued from the start and all the way to the end.
Joined the group back in August 2021 in their SF-02 batch. Mr Faisal and Mr Kamran, both have steered the course with great professionalism and care.
Every individual was given attention, made sure no one was left behind. Even after completion of the course, they mentored how to get into the industry.
Mohsin Ali Khan
AceAim Trainee
If you are looking for a professional training in Salesforce, then you can easily count on AceAim. They are extremely professional and dedicated in providing technical skills to the youth to empower them in the technology world.
Imran Ahmed Sayal
AceAim Trainee
Time I spent in Aceaim changed my life all together. It enabled an engineering graduate from non-IT background to secure a software development job in an international IT company.Interactive online sessions, Both professional and personal grooming and most importantly, world top class IT course is taught in local (Urdu) language which is 1000 times easy to understand.
Muhammad Kashif Rizwan
AceAim Trainee
Joining the AceAim training was one of the best decisions I have made!! I don't know where to start, the mentors, the tutoring team, the resources, the teaching style, the guidance, the support, everything was top notch! It felt like the AceAim team really cared and wanted to make difference. Being in the first batch of the training (SF01 2021), one would expect there to be a few hiccups but it was great from the start. I received training and preparation not just for the platform, but for the Admin certification as well as job interviews. Sir Faisal is a great mentor and provided amazing advice in areas where it mattered.
Omer Bin Waseem
AceAim Trainee